Holistic Reiki

Holistic Reiki is a simple Reiki practice, absolutely based on techniques to connect with cosmic energy. For thousands of years, Cosmic energy has been practiced in various names and methods to fulfill human needs in living. 

Approximately 64 variations of Reiki systems in practice. Among those, Kundalini Reiki is one of the most popular. This Reiki method is simple and easy to practice without Reiki symbols, mantras, or any complex practices. It works by stimulating the kundalini energy, channeling the Reiki energy, and absorbing cosmic energy with simple practices. 

Holistic Reiki is a Reiki method designed by infusing physiology, psychology, lifestyle, and karmic principles into existing Kundalini Reiki practices. The word Holistic means “Whole” As the Holistic Reiki course comprehensively covers all circumstances of human life.

This practice will provide holistic guidance and support to promote the health, peace, pleasure, and wealth of a person; by uniting with the whole range of cosmic energy.

Knowledge of body, mind, waves, vibration, soul, and spiritual practices under its roof. It will certainly offer a complete solution to lead a happy life.

Master Raja Mohamed Kassim